Set up in 1977 in Madrid, the Association was soon moved to the city of Valencia, where the headquarters are currently located. Since then, its main mission has been to support the internationalization of the Spanish furniture sector, encouraging all its brands to access the business opportunities offered by international markets.

ANIEME is the only Spanish national entity recognized by the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Tourism as an interlocutor of the sector with the Public Administration. We are a non-profit organization, whose lines of action are marked by our Board of Directors, formed entirely by manufacturers of the furniture industry. It is currently composed of Tecni Nova, Capdell, Expormim, Loyra, Fama, Acomodel, Ecus, Gandía Blasco, Alexandra Collection, Mariner, Guadarte, Koo International, Punt Mobles and Agrippa.

With more than 40 years of experience in its field, ANIEME has become the largest community of SMEs in the furnishing sector. The Association fosters creativity and innovation, promoting design as a key tool to strengthening competitiveness in international markets.