Corporate Social Responsibility

At ANIEME – FURNITURE FROM SPAIN we are aware of the importance of forests and therefore we aim at fostering best-practice standards with regard to environmental conservation and socio-economic sustainability.

We are a company affiliated with FSC-FSC - Forest Stewardship Council - an international non-profit organization whose objective is to implement solutions to the problems created by bad forestry practices while promoting the responsible management of the world’s forests.

They are the promoters of different regulations at national and international level, such as the well-known Chain of Custody Standard. This Regulation guarantees the consumer that products with FSC originate from well-managed forests and controlled sources, according to International standards that contemplate environmental, social and economic aspects and that define the minimum levels of good management for forests worldwide.

Being part of FSC, we are committed to protecting the environment and want to cooperate in encouraging sustainable forest management in our business.